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The most common roofing system for homes is asphalt shingles. So, how does this currently effect Nashville, you ask? All manufacturers’ have slowed down asphalt shingle production.

Manufacturers had to make the decision to only create the most common or popular colors, at the moment. Now, while this sounds reasonable, this is how this may affect you directly.

It is that time, your roof is 30 years old and it needs to be replaced, or you’re building your first home and NEED that perfect roof! Only one thing, you only have three color options, Nashville…. Moire Black, Weatheredwood, and Georgetown Grey. Which, will match any exterior colors you have on your home. The great thing about asphalt shingles is that the granules feature many colors, all of which offer different accents to the primary color. Making this product arguably one of the most diverse roofing options color wise.

If you want a closer look at these asphalt shingle color options, check out this link!

If it is that time for you to choose a new roof and you aren’t sure what color to choose, here is how we can help you! Roof Doctors actually offers a 3-D image of your home where you can change the asphalt shingles color and view it right there! Are you needing to see more than just your asphalt shingle options? No problem, our technology also offers for to view new gutter colors, new siding colors, and new shutter colors.


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