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Are you looking for the best Nashville roofer? Great, now get more specific!

Are you looking for the best price, best quality, best warranty, or best product installed? I know what you’re thinking, all of the above. Let’s break that down and really get into it though. What are you actually looking for when you say “best Nashville roofer”.

Are you looking for the best priced Nashville roofer?

We know, pricing matters and it plays a huge role in picking your roofer. However, there are two things that hardly ever, if ever, go hand-in-hand. This might be a surprise, but that is a cheap price and high quality. It simply does not happen, in roofing, pricing usually comes down to details! What crucial details are skipped with a cheap roof, you ask?

Here is a list of a few common ones:

  1. Drip edge
  2. Flashing
  3. Ice and water shield
  4. Premium underlayment

So, if your best roofer is going to be dependent on price, you can throw quality out the window!

Are you looking for the best quality roofer?

If you are looking for the best quality roofer, then be ready to turn down your cheapest bids. We get it, more money on the front end never sounds like the reasonable option. However, that initial investment is going to save you much more than money on the back-end. Imagine paying thousands for your new roof, only to find out that the business you used, can’t up-hold that 10-year warranty they gave you. First, do you know a reason as to why they might not be able to hold that warranty? It’s because they are no longer in business, or were never licensed in this state to begin with.

When comparing bids between multiple companies, always compare the details in the scope of work! Compare the products you are getting and always ensure there is an on-site supervisor over your roof installation!

Are you in search of the best warranty on the market?

This ties into quality, and we are going to explain how. Why is it that the cheapest cars have the longest warranties? We all know the answer to this question.

So why does a company with the cheapest bid offer the longest warranty? It’s because they know that what they are installing is going to have major issues or because they have no intention of being around long enough to have to honor that warranty in the first place. This should be a huge red flag! This brings us to the next issue, the manufacturer warranty. Make sure the company you hire is certified with the manufacturer of the product they are installing, if they are not, you have no warranty on that shingle. Meaning, that 50-year, 130 MPH wind warranty, does not exist.

If you are not sure how to verify this information, here is a link to CertainTeed’s website to check their verified professionals!

In brief, the next time you are looking for a roofer, really break down your priorities and what you are wanting in a roofing company! Roof Doctors might not be the best Nashville roofer for what you are looking for. We are focused on the quality of our roofs and the durability of the products we install, and of course, our loyal customers satisfaction! So, if quality is what you are looking for – Contact Us!