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With fall finally being here, it’s time for so much more than just sweaters, s’mores, and bonfires. Fall is a reminder that Winter is quickly approaching, bringing snow and winter ice storms with it. While no one wants to put their Fall festivities on hold, preparing your home for the Winter is a good reason to pause. While this is the season of eating and celebrating, it is also the perfect season for a total roof replacement.

Here are a few reasons why fall is the best time for a roof replacement: 

  •  Fall weather is the ideal weather to install a roof in. Not only for the installers, but for the homeowners as well. It is actually proven that when installing asphalt shingles, the most popular shingles, that 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Where roofing in the winter actually makes working with the materials much more difficult. Low temperatures can make the shingles frail and when being nailed in, it can cause breakage.
  •  The storm season is mostly over, meaning it’s time to access any damage that could’ve happened. If you had a hail storm, a tree limb fall, or high wind speeds it’s likely you have damage.
  •  It’s the perfect to time to prepare for the winter storms. These storms can easily make existing damage worse, one solid storm can cause holes to become larger or leaks to worsen. While the weight of snow alone can cause expensive issues, it’s once that snow starts melting that the water will reveal all. An already compromised roof can easily become a large issue during winter.
  •  Overseeing a project at your home is the perfect reason to miss everything else and drink a pumpkin spice latte. 

On average, Roof Doctors replaces 2,000 roofs a year. In fall alone, we replace anywhere from 700 to 850 roofs. While fall is a short season, it’s a productive season and the best time to ensure your home and families safety from a harsh winter to come.

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