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Do you currently have a stone chimney? As appealing as they are, they naturally hold and absorb water. Fortunately, Roof Doctors has fixed many stone chimneys. Our solution is simple, copper.

Copchimn | Roof Doctors Copchimm | Roof Doctors

To begin, reflashing the chimney with copper prevents water from entering between the base of the chimney and your roof. Then, we install copper crickets, on the back side of the stone chimney, to divert water. We also install a copper vented chimney cap to assist in ventilation.

To cure the actual stone, we apply clear siloxane seal onto the rock. While the appearance of copper is appealing enough, it’s the longevity of it that really makes it worth it. It’s a good material to manipulate and weld together to give you water-tight flashing.

When it comes to your stone chimney, invest on the front end and have it correctly handled.
If you go cheap, then you will continue to leak.


If you are interested in learning more about Roof Doctors copper work, go to our Copper Roofing section on our website!