Winter Roofing Services

We are officially in the months of the fall. Pretty soon, winter will hit us like a truck. Before you know it, the temperature will drop like a parachute, and mother nature will start showering us with snow and ice. The winter season is a blissful time, but it comes at a price. These months can take a major toll on your roof and gutters. Just because your roof is a strong layer of protection on your building doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable. During this season, it’s especially vital that you take appropriate action to keep your roofing system in tiptop shape.

Winterizing A Roof

These are some of the most important winterization methods to practice on your roof and gutters:

  • Roof Inspections: Now that summer is behind us, it’s the perfect time to inspect your roof for cracks, blisters, holes, and other types of surface damages. To reduce the risk of leaks or a roof collapse, make sure you schedule a walkthrough with a roofing technician before the winter is in full gear. Performing a roof inspection can show you what areas of your roof and gutters need the most care.
  • Clean The Surface: Before the snow starts falling, make sure you thoroughly clean your roof and gutters. Discard all leaves, twigs, and debris that is covering your surface and remove any unattached parts. Snow can pile up and trap these objects deep into your roofing system, which could puncture the surface. A clear roof surface and empty gutters reduce the risk of potential damage that may be caused later by snowfall.
  • Icicle Removal: Freezing temperatures and snowy weather conditions are not a good mix for your roof. When icicles start to stick to the edge of your roof, this can put passing bystanders in harm’s way. If you start to notice a line of icicles hanging down, make sure to remove them immediately. Too much ice on the edge of your roof can clog up your gutters, and too much clogging can cause the entire system to collapse.
  • Heater Installations for Roof and Gutter Systems: A heater can be one of your best friends during the winter. Not only will it keep your building filled with warm air, but it can also aid in the snow removal process. Rooftop heaters can melt excess snow and ice that piles at the top of your building.
  • Routine Maintenance: The winter is a peak time for preventative roofing care. If you start to experience regular snowfall in your area, make sure you regularly check on your roof and gutters. Schedule routine inspections with your roofing provider. They are able to help you sustain your entire roofing system in optimal condition.
  • Attic Inspections: The roof shouldn’t be your only concern. During winter preps, make sure to examine your attic as well. Inspect your insulation and ventilation equipment and patch up any noticeable damages. This can help you save big on your energy bills during the winter.
  • Put up Holiday Decorations: Give your roof some blissful cheer this winter. Decorate with lights and ornaments to spread joy during the holidays. This gives your roof new life during “the most wonderful time of the year!”