Storm Damage | Roof Doctors

Middle Tennessee has experienced a lot of storm damage in the past week and Roof Doctors is here to help.

While we are keeping everyone effected in our thoughts, we also want to make sure you don’t fall victim to an unlicensed contractor chasing a storm.

Anytime a storm comes in, new roofing companies come with it from out of town. As a result, homeowners will experience individuals knocking on their door or leaving their business cards looking to inspect for storm damage. Since this is happening, ensure that you ask for the company name and individuals name.

How do I find a company to repair storm damage?

First, make sure you are only calling licensed companies.

Second, chose a company that has results you can see.

Third, ensure the company is licensed.

The easiest way to search if the company is licensed is through this website.  Importantly, you do not have to have all of the information they ask for, however you do need the company name and state. Furthermore, ensure that you select “contractors” under profession. Do not let an unqualified company attempt to fix your storm damage. In addition, other sources that you should check are below:

  • BBB
  • If a company is Google Guaranteed or not
  •  Google Reviews
  • Do they have a local office

If you or a family member are noticing that you have damage from the storm, call Roof Doctors for a free evaluation. In addition to roof replacements, we also handle repairs, and gutter replacements. If you are not able to call our office, then fill out this form.  After, a representative from the office will be in contact with you within twenty- four hours to set up an appointment.